okay, so what I've noticed is that my dads guitar (which was the cheapest thing they had at the store) seems to actually sound better than my guitar ( which was like 500$)

This is especially noticeable when it comes to tapping and sweep picking. The tapping hardly makes a sound on my guitar. So I have come to 3 possible conclusions. Either it has something to do with the size, as my dad's guitar is really small, and I'm kind of a small person, or I got extremely ripped off when i bought mine, or it has something to do with the string gauge, as my guitar's strings are significantly heavier than my dads. So does anyone know what could be wrong?
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what model guitars do you both have

i have a jackson and he has an epiphone
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i have a jackson and he has an epiphone

those are the companies...what model...
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^^ Yeah I was about to say...

You could be talking about a Jackson select USA Randy Rhoads vs. a Epiphone Special 2.