Here's the link so everyone knows what i'm talking bout: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kramer-Striker-Custom-FR424CM-Electric-Guitar?sku=515347
But i was curious about this guitar, for i have always been interested in reissue Kramer's, they are my favorite brand of guitars from the 80's, thats for sure. So basically, if anyone has any info on how they sound, play, etc. it would be very much appreciated, Anything is fine, whatever you know!
i hear good things about those.
id go for it. but find a cheaper one on amazon and then have musiciansfriend price match it. then you get it for even cheaper(about 100-150 dollars cheaper i think)

they play great tho. just swap pickups out, but only if your not happy with those, otherwise stick with em
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I had one of those as my starter guitar and it was VERY good, the only problems I encountered were related to the licensed floyd rose system which actually caused quite a few problems with the neck and stuff. Though I think mine was just a dud :P

If it is going to be your first guitar then maybe learn about the floyd rose on it first but it is great for metal and hard rock
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it will not be my first guitar, but i definitely have never had a tremelo system of any kind before, so i would definitely take that to a pro. to get set up
its not that difficult to set up. but for the first time, i would take it to a pro and tell him to show you how(to set it up), just to be safe.
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Yeah i definitely want the finish, its not much more and its a non-expensive guitar either way
Wait a bit, those are the older models that MF still carries.
These are the new ones supposed to be released shortly....

They are not reissues. The only reissues that Kramer has released are the '85 Baretta, Jersey Star and Pacer Imperial USA models. The Strikers are mid price import guitars. Not much to do with the old Kramer but hey I have the exact one you're looking at. I bought it when they were still selling them for $270 or so. Its a fun guitar, pickups are crap in my opinion but the rest is good for the $$. I'd try before buying it though, and also wait for the new models to arrive and see how they are.
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woah, those are some pretty promising specs, any idea when and where they will sell online/in store?
They were backed up, last I heard from the rep. on Kramer Forum was that the boat is at sea yea funny, I know but he wasn't joking
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Meaning they're behind on the order cause of the hurricanes etc in the area. Bad weather in Asia.
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If Kramer's are you favorite 80's guitar, you might wanna look for one of those instead. You could pick up a Focus 1000, 2000, 3000 etc. for what you'd pay for that Striker. Or a Pacer Deluxe or the like for a little more. And those will have OFR tremolos too! Well...they should have anyways!

That new Striker is nothing like the ones from the 80's.