So I wrote this tab a while ago and I'm having trouble deciding whether it is actually good or not. I just need some outside objective opinions on this one. It's a bit long and doesn't follow a strict structure per-say - it's more about trying to tell a story ( what story I have no clue! )

Anyway C4C

Keep it, I really liked this. The intro is dark and mysterious but a bit repetitive, didn't really like the drums, but the strings and lead guitar that enter after are awesome. The riffs after that are really awesome and fit really well, heavy but still add to that dark theme you got going. The problem here is also how repetitive it is, but this might be different with vocals. The piano was also cool, but a bit empty, could have used a more filled pattern, when the guitar enters with the piano was also ****ing awesome.

overall Id say 8/10

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