i havent posted in a long time. this song is a rock song. I wanted to base it off a cool rhythm on the clean guitar and the drums. most of it seems to flow okay some parts might be a little iffy. that harmonic guitar tapping is probably gonna be on some phase shifter pedal liked 2 octaves up. im not sure about chords in the chorus or a vocal melody. any suggestions, comments, or ideas? C4C
I really liked that. That main riff is cool, very "laidback" sounding if you get what I mean. I liked the verse as well, great use of very simple chords, and then that rush of tapping stuff that comes in makes it sound great. As for the pre-chorus; this is a great way of building up to your chorus, maybe a bit more dynamics when you play it on a real guitar, but very solid sounding. The chorus then I thought was very good as well.

So; keep up the good work, I would like to hear the final product.
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