Bit different from my normal output. I would say this song was heavily influenced by Hypocrisy and Vader.

Yes, I know I have my little Entombed "Left Hand Path" tribute there in the mid section. If Bloodbath can do their own take on it in Funeral Furnace why can't I? =p
Sextus Infinitus.zip
Great stuff. A lot of the riffs remind of Carcass, the heartwork era - and maybe the Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious album (some of the slower riffs on that album) too. The changes in the song are nice and makes it pretty varied, without sacrificing any of the flow. The lead melodies are a nice touch and probably the most memorable parts of the song.
Quote by Themadisraeli
Everything in this song is exellent until measure 60.

Why, why I must ask, must you kill a good riff by deathcoring it to shit? It kills the momentum entirely. Either write a new riff there or don't do a breakdown.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1234597 crit mine?

I "killed the good riff" because I personally enjoy deathcore, the odd breakdown, and riffs that groove rather than pummel.

Also, the momentum-killing was intentional. I sought to contrast the earlier straight death metal intensity with something mid-paced and groove oriented. Given the fact that the song has already been plastered with a chromatic tonality, it would be difficult to switch to something blues-based like I normally do. Thus, the breakdown gets the call.

Now, given that your critique dealt very little with my song and consisted entirely of simply bashing breakdowns in the abstract, I feel no compulsion to return the favor for your song.
Alright so I'm finally getting around to critting this piece.

My thoughts:

I Like the intro riff. It's very mature sounding. Only gripe I have is I'm not sure about the harmony on the chords second time around. Maybe too dissonant.

I like the seond riff as well, but it needs some drums and vocals to really flesh it out.

I'm not sure about this third riff. It feels like it should either be double tempo, or else trem picked. I personally would trem pick the part and put a blast beat under it, then retain the variation when it switches soon after.

I'm a big fan of the next riff. Nice use of suspended chords. However, that Bbsus2 looks like an absolute bitch to play. I'm curious, how do you finger that chord? The strech looks too big for me to use 1 2 and 3 on the bottom, notes, but I can;t hink of any other way to grab the F on top.

I dig the solo, although it is a tad short. I think a little more development there would do the song justice.

Now the next section at the tempo change. Good idea, but I question the C#hord. There's notes in the melody that aren't sitting well with me over that chord. Specifically, the F# in the melody conflicts with the G# in the chord, and the D in the melody conflicts with the C# in the chord. I would suggest a change in chord, or an implied modulation in the melody.

The part immediately following this is better, and I feel arpegiating some of those chords would sound better than that repeating melody.

I dig the next riff, although given the atmosphere of the rest of the song, it feels a little out of place. Reminds of Wrong Side by Strapping Young Lad actually.

I like the galloping part as well. Standard death metal fare now.

I'm not so sure about this second solo. It starts out good, but at bar 36 it starts sounding just off. Not particularly consonant or dissonant, just off.

Ending is solid. Nice and abrupt.

Overall, the death metal portions are top notch. The more melodic secitons, however, need some work, as the ultra-dissonance of death metal doesn;t always work so well in melody-chord situations. Rework a few of the conflicting spots and rework that second solo a bit. Other than that, good work.