i was looking to go from my amp direct line out -> interface -> pc
is there a difference between a recording interface and a preamp?
Any recommendations?

Thanks alot,
an interface is a box containing preamps, converters and a firewire or usb controller.

a preamp is just a preamp.

frankly, you're unlikely to find anything in the $100 range that would make any difference for you.

what interface are you using now?
Amp line out = garbage, even if it's a good amp, it gives an uncabbed sharp sound. Using an interface and those free VST amp sims that actually sound much better than several 300$+ VST
I see.. i'll certainly look into vst. Well at the moment i'm using just a lead into the smaller headphone size jack, into the pc (yes i know thats evil and horrible)

So i suppose i'm looking for an interface then? are those line 6 studio ones any good?