Hey! I'm Marcus, 23 years old. Been playing guitar for several years and bought a bass early 2008 to join my friends skatepunk band.

I've always wanted to play some kind of rock/metal, but since I don't have time for two "real" bands, I thought that I'll give the online band idea a try.

Some bands that I listen to:

August Burns Red
Amon Amarth
Dark Tranquillity
Lamb of God
The Black Dahlia Murder
Threat Signal
Darkest Hour

Just so you know; I play with a pick and I can't slap...
Hmm online band.. Not usual in my country ,cyprus,. İm orginally just a lead guitarist but also playing drums and bass guitar. And in my damn city finding a bass or a drum player almost impossible. You cant imagine how many months toke for training some guys/gals for these jobs.

İ thinks Band = Band so you gonna give almost much time as a real band. May be without a concert chance.

İ like finger playing i played enough with picks with my Jackson RR3

Good luck mate
Yeah it's hard to find good band mates

Online band = no rehearsals and no gigs so it's not as time demanding as a real band. I just want to create music with others using recording equipment and guitar pro (basically)

Thanks and good luck to you too!
Yeah its hard to find good band mates

İts the way i practise but realy sounds of guitar pro sucks.. My over drive is more agressive than Guitar pro's distortion xD and not with my rhoads.. just a strato xD

The best practie is : Put your mom to drums to give you some slow rhytm. Take your bass and try out Muse is good for bass players.

Good luck in this hard metal way