So one day I got an email from a listener challenging me to try singing something in a Country genre.

This actually made me stop and think... I've always avoided country because of the technical precision of the music and vocals that would be needed to do it. I've pretty much been scared to try to tackle it... so I thought 'what the hell... let's try it anyway...'

So most of the time I like to pick up and just jam it out, add the vocal tracks, fills, licks and backing later in the mixdown. I tried hard to think of a song that I could do... namely by myself and still have fun. At first I wanted to try "Tequila makes her clothes fall off" because it's a funny song. But it's too 'band'y and I don't have a band.

I then remembered my old college course had me pick up Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl" as an assignment, which I never did. I went into the closet and found the actual sheet music for it.

I had to make some slight alterations to the song, namely the speed in which it's played. The original is very slow, with an orchestrial backup and standard country ensemble... (slide guitar, drums, bass, guitars and vocals). I have the guitar and bass, drums and vocals... but country really needs atleast 2 to 3 guitars and a slide guitar.

So I decided to speed the song up to around 98, change the key down a semi-tone and have at it.

I played the song a few times through from start to finish, vocals and all, 1 take. Then once I was satisfied, I went back and tracked:

1) the intro
2) 1st verse & chorus
3) 2nd verse & chorus
4) 3rd verse, chorus and outro

adjusted the timing and added slight doubling.

Mixed down, adjusted the EQ and some effects, converted it to an mp3 and uploaded.

Let me know what you think. 1 guitar, 1 vocal.

Thanks guys!