okay my friend is looking for a new amp for Christmas and so he asked me to make this thread for him. Id appreciate it if any of you could give me some good recommendations.

okay, budget is $500 AUD. cant really go a lot over that.
versatile to an extent preferably. he plays a lot of genres but mainly metal (from iron maiden to really heavy stuff) umm remember we are aussie so shit's expensive down here and not everything is available.

He is willing to go second hand if it is a really good opportunity but feels safer with brand new and would much rather go new.

not sure what other info you need, ask if you need more.

thank in advance

EDIT: probably not wanting a tube amp. tubes can be expensive and all.
and it needs to be able to get over the top of a drummer in a band situation. not so much gigging. but for band practice. most gig places have a PA anyway.
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Blackstar ht 5

oh yeah. i dont think he will want tubes. they need replacing.
If u dnt want a tube amp go wid a Line 6 or a Vox Valvetronix...they can get REALLY loud....
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oh yeah. i dont think he will want tubes. they need replacing.

that's dumb.
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that's dumb.

how is it dumb? He doesn't want to have to buy new tubes. But whatever, i guess he could get a tube amp, it'll just cost him more money is all. so yeah, if the amp can get over a drummer then sure but probably not looking for a head and cab unless it is still under $500 which is kinda unlikely.
if he prefers the sound of a particular ss amp, that's one thing, but to avoid tube amps purely because they require a little upkeep once in a while is pure lazyness.
tube amps are easier to diagnose and repair over the long haul and I know people that have had their tubes for 15+ years so that whole thing is moot.

$500 AUS is not a lot so look at used gear (for your friend) if you can.
An HT-5 plus a cab in Aus would probably go over 500 bucks.

Maybe try looking for a Line6 Flextone? probably used. Lurk gumtree and ebay.
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okay. he hasn't been playing long. i think he's in his second year now.... he basically just wants to upgrade from his 10 watt starter. he still plays on an SX strat copy as well. so nothing fancy is needed.
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It has tubes, they will need to be replaced once, but if he doesn't push it to its limit everyday he won't have to replace them very often.
I heard gigging musicians saying that they need to replace them about every 2-3 years, chances are high that he will get a new amp before he even has to replace tubes.
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Find a used cube 60 if you can, or the cube 30. Also flextones are decent. like said above, lurk gumtree and ebay. call local stores and see what they have used. if you could find an old ampeg vh140c that would be ideal, they can go pretty cheap. good luck.
i'm gunna second the flextone
especially as it's moderately easy to get hold of used
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i have a vox. i love the cleans. but with 500 you wont be able to get a tube, unless its a 2nd hand ac15. Oh you can get the Ac4 combo i think. go check it out, you might like it.