Was just looking online and saw this model which I really like the looks of which retails for around £300. Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this specific guitar because I don't know much about the quality of it sound-wise. and maybe any other suggestions for around the same price.

Thanks for any help.

the tuners can be a pain when restringing, and the stock epiphone pickups can sound muddy, but that depends on your taste.
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Is it worth the price?

i personally haven't played the firebird, but my epiphone g-400 has certainly been good value for money
I had two and sold both and regret ever selling either of them. The tuners can be a pain but once you get the hang of it it's no big deal. The most I ever paid for a used one was $250.00 USD with a case. The other one didn't have a case and that was $180.00. If the one your looking at is new I think they only run about $399.99 to $450.00 here not sure what it would add up to with the exchange rate.

Ive played afew and love them, been after the gibson version more but the epiphone one is nice, as said above the pups dont real do it justice but the playability is solid, a friend of mine put a dimarzio paf n a bkp cold sweat in his and it does rock!

See if you can grab one to play, some stores still have some @ 199 from 5he gibson drop if your in the uk
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Thanks for the advice guys, I have got a local music store and on the website it says it sells this specific model so Im going to go in a have a look more closely