OK so I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio which I run through a JCM 2000 valve, so its sounding pretty sweet anyway, however I have been told that if I replace stock pickups in the guitar I can make it sing even sweeter? I understand that stock pickups may not be the best sounding, however would a pair of decent humbuckers affect the tone and sound that much?

Just curious as I was thinking of replacing them anyway, I play in a classic/hard rock band (Iron Maiden, Saxon, Thunder style music), so would there be any brands I should be looking at specifically or are recommended(sp)?.

Thanks in advance for the replies!
bareknuckle pickups are supposed to be good, seymour duncan and dimarzio also make good pickups for rock
I like gibson pickups... but aroun here I'm the minorty.

Bare Knuckles are awesome, and they make a model that's right up your alley, hit up their website.

and check other recent similar threads. RK just dropped a HELLA long list of pickup designers on another thread.
Hot Slags are great at any price but at £25 each are a steal. Bareknuckles Warpigs are huge output but can sound surprisingly sweet too through an amp like yours. Turned up and you're talking Motorhead.
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wolfe mcleod and lindy fralin both make badass PAF style pups. both are badass manufacturers
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Thanks for the replies people, just been looking at the Bareknuckes - very sweet and pricey! But still very very tempting! Quite liking the look of the Hot Slags (great name!) as well though. I hate these kind of decisions
are you in the USA or UK or where?

If you're in the UK, really consider Rock Monkeys, Bareknuckles and Shed pickups. I personally like the Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays.

If you're in the states look at WCR Darkbursts (or Crossroads depending on what kind of output you're looking at), Wolfetone Marshallhead Mk IIs, Seymour Duncan Antiquties.
Yeah I'm UK based so its looking pretty good at the choice I got going here! Cheers for the help peeps, I'll let you know if I get round to making a decision
Buy an Tubescreamer. Much more tone improvement.
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Quote by compin
Buy an Tubescreamer. Much more tone improvement.
assuming you want the tubescreamer tone, which is not really for everybody.