I'm putting some new pickups in my lovely Vintage VS6 over Christmas, and hopefully getting a new amp. Anyway, I play alot of Pop/Punk Rock in my band but I also like to play Metal by myself or when I jam with mates. So, my question is:

Can the Hot Slag do Metal well?


Can the Steam Hammer do Pop/Punk rock?

My live rig consists of a TSL/MF 4x12 Cab
Recording amp is a TSL122 combo

Sadly, neither of the amps belong to me, but I use them for anything important. Any help is much appreciated.
have you tried emailing the company? you won't hear any bad things about their product (as you might on a forum), but if you're set on them, they should be able to tell you which will do the tones you want best.
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^This, Irongear are quite helpful
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