fellow guitarists!

Have a question...I am a guitar teacher and have been for 20 years. Thinking about an online lesson program that would be Beg-Int-Advanced. I would provide a daily practice plan for people, videos on each lesson and offer free feedback on posted videos.

This would be a step by step "course" for guitarists. I am thinking of charging like $10.00/month.

I would offer:

1. Plans for 1 month
2. 2 Vids a week, 1 lesson vid and 1 "practice with me"
3. All supplementary materials PDF

So...would you do it? Honest feedback please!!!

Thanks folks
No, i wouldn't do it. I prefer face to face lessons.
That being said I bought something off of justinguitar.com once, because he does a lot of free stuff too and i had completed all that.
you would need to offer alot more content than that, there are loads of sites that offer lessons and videos etc.
though offering personal advice would be a good idea, as most of the sites out there today are very general and don't cater to everyones preferences.
there are a lot of free resources available so first of all you have to set yourself apart from those
10 a month is pretty cheap. I wouldn't do it cuz i don't rele feel i need it, but i bet you could get some people to sign up. good luck
agreeing with malephik, you really need to offer something that sets you apart, also need to be sure you have web design skills or hire someone who is a webdesigner (or currently studying for a degree in the subject wink wink) otherwise your site is going to look generic.
What you could do is allow them to upload videos and you can help them that way with technique. Since one of the hardest things to do is tell if you are doing it right.
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Not so sure it would work unless you could provide personalised lessons for each student. This is because they will all learn at different paces and have different goals. I guess once you've got a good few videos that cover everything, then you'll be ok, but I have a feeling that covering everything is a massive job in itself. Also students would need feedback on their work so that they know where they are going wrong, this would at least mean them uploading videos of themselves. I expect a minority would already have the equipment and possibly the motivation to do that extra work, but then you'll have to contend with bad recordings, bad sound, bad visuals.

If you just do some videos, plans and guides that a student pays for, downloads and then uses then their are thousands of sites where this information can be found for free.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, but to really stand out and make a difference would be difficult when you are contending with face to face tutoring and the free learning materials already available.
I wouldnt do it. Ive learned all on my own. Ive tried going to teachers, and their focus is allways different than mine. I find teachers obsess over technique and often dont know much theory.
well thank you EVERYONE. Too cool that you all responded. My first time in the forums and really appreciate the feedback.

I would offer a free evalauation via skype or video commentary for students. I was thinking maybe one free lesson or something a month.

I would also have a forum that I will administer to answer guitar related questions.

Videos can be posted as well and I will comment...

How bout I forward the link when it is ready :P

Thanks everyone...if there is more feedback, keep it coming!!!!
here's the thing... if it's not personalized lessons, then it won't work for 90% of the people who buy it. but it'll be cheap for you to produce, and people probably WILL buy it if you advertise it effectively.

but if you offer personalized online lessons, you could theoretically charge a TON more money. Why not open up a webcam-based online guitar lesson site, where people literally book time with you to sit down at your computer and give them a guitar lesson via webcam? it'd require a good high-speed connection on both ends, but if you can charge 30 bucks a lesson....