Hi all, very much needed your help.
sorry for my bad English.
I have a song (this is a link to it http://letitbit.net/download/4194.bb491ac92b2abfa0f8be92f28/37edf2e86633.mp3.html) and guitar pro tab for it (here it http://letitbit.net/download/7314.7a854952a2641dea03b90c10e /______________. gp5.html), but the acoustic guitar is not finished, could you have to finish this song? and if it is not difficult and drums too. song is old and therefore the quality bad, but I have seen a lot of cool tabs on this site, I think you can handle! Thanks in advance hope you will help me. This song is very necessary for my group.
I almost do not go on this forum and I am afraid that I forget to check = (
my mail urine84@mail.ru, but better to write to my ICQ 358421380
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