So i've only been playing 7-8 months and i would love to start writing my own stuff eventually

Is this the best way to get on the road to it?

Learn the entire fretboard notes
Learn scales and where the notes are for each scale not just the shape
Learn chords and what scales sound good with chords

Listen to a lot of different music and how to improvise with the scales?

What else would i need?

Oh and I know a little theory ATM i've watched those freepower YouTube videos and can remeber 90% of those.
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Also which chords fit together good, and most important: don't lock yourself up in theory. If you think something sounds good but you can't explain it using theory, doesn't mean its wrong. If something sounds good it is good, theory is not like rules you have to obey..
you can learn all the theory and scales you want, but real music froms from within. It all starts with a feeling or emotion, that you want to express in words, then add music to bring it all together. I know a lot of dudes that are very fluent with theory, but couldnt write anything better then hot crossed buns lol

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Quote by Freepower
Best thing to do is to START WRITING NOW. There's no reason to wait, get to it.

This is exactly it.

If you don't feel confident enough to start writing, at least start jamming (to yourself, to backing tracks, with others, etc,). Some of the best songs ever written started out as a jam.

Your main focus, though, is staying musical- forget whatever theory you've learnt (use that to explain it later). Don't get me wrong, though, theory is great when you can't think of what comes next (you can work out what key you're in, then maybe change key or take different chords from that key).

All of this can be practiced by jamming. If you jam something awesome, then write it down!
About writing... it's as much a skill as anything else with the guitar. If you want to get better at alternate picking, you practice alternate picking. If you want to get better at sweeping, you do sweeping exercises. If you want to get better at writing music, you write as much music as you can.