so im looking for an overdrive or distortion pedal. the only 2 stores around me really dont have the greatest selection so im looking for some recomendations. i play a jackson kelly with a set of sds in it most of the time through a mesa heartbreaker and im really happy with the crunch i get out of it but every once in a while i find myself wanting a bit more. another kelly i have with some emgs gets me a little closer but i dont think it sounds quite as nice. ive heard good things about the metal muff but i havent got to hear one for myself yet. anybody else have any suggestions?
EHX Metal Muff

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Be more specific about your target tone.
A SPECIFIC voicing you want to go for?

In any case, check out the following:
Radial London Bones-$150, incredibly versatile, British sounding
Barber Dirty Bomb-$100-As versatile, but go for this if you're bored with Marshall type tones
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And TS, I wouldn't go with a metalmuff if I were you..I found it to be a bit thin sounding and VERY fizzy...but maybe the nano version could be nice...
Look into my other suggestions, you WON'T regret it.
i like the kind of distortion mudvayne, all that remains, or bullet for my valentine get. the normal harder band distortion. im not really the best at descrbing these kinda things

edit: i can get a pretty good fuzz sound out of my amp already so i dont think the wicker would work for me but ill keep it in mind. and i do have a boost mode on my first channel. that just pushes it out of practice range by a good bit though
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You could try getting the AMT Electronic P1 which emulates a Peavey 5150/6505, I've been interested in hearing how they sound.

For distortion: The Blackstar HT-DISTX, amazing tube-driven tone. Also check out the Digitech HardWire TL-2 if you're budget isn't as high, an overall great sounding pedal.

For overdrive: HardWire CM-2 (sounds like an improved Maxon OD808), Xotic BB Preamp, Blackstar HT-DRIVE.
ok, thanks guys. looks like ive got some stuff to check out