One of them is a 1x12 speaker, other is 2x12 with wharfedales(the first on has that too I believe), then the last and best one is a 2x12 with celestion blues.

the wharfdales aren't that good as far as I'm concerned, and you'll eventually want to change them.

So yeah, in short the difference is just the speakers.
Yep, CC_X has alnico blues, expensive but awesome. But if you're looking at spending £1k+ on an AC30, I would probably recommend looking used
The first one has one speaker, the other two have two.

# AC30CC1: 1x12 combo with Celestion neodymium NeoDog speaker.
# AC30CC2: 2x12 combo with VOX custom GSH12-30 speakers.
# AC30CC2X: 2x12 combo with Celestion AlNiCo "Blue" speakers.
ah okay
thanks a lot guys!

I'm looking at the second one
(the final option is just a bit out of my price range!)
although i need to find somewhere to try them out
(theres no decent shops anywhere near where i live =\)