Hi, I want to know please because it looks worn out and I want to get the black paint of... will that be a good idea?
As the victorian goverment said... "Laisse Faire".

That means... leave it alone
They're "painted to look black" because higher end classical guitars are prone to have ebony fingerboards, a characteristically black wood, so lower-end models attempt to emulate the appearance by covering up their crappy fingerboard with paint.

Strip it, smooth it, polish it if you want to. Why not?
My God, it's full of stars!
Don't paint it, dye it (or re-dye it). There are kits available to dye fretboards... google it.
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You dont need a kit to dye a fretboard.....thats just dumb! You need an old rag and the smallest can of ebony stain you can get from Home Depot!
Im sure they sell some gimmick fretboard dye kit that you pay 25$ for that comes with some special foam applicator and some other stupid thing you dont need.
But you can do it in about 5 minutes for 5 dollars at the Depot!!! Will look like new!!!
Ebony is not usually uniformly black, there is usually some gray striping and guitar makers will dye them to make them black. Others will dye other woods to make them look like ebony. It's just an asthetic thing. If you want to re-do yours, kmeyers18 has it right. Just make sure you get an oil-based dye -- dab it on with a Q-tip, wait a couple minutes and wipe off the excesswith a soft cloth. And remember, that anything that dye touches will be stained black so use masking tape and latex gloves!
milagroso is right also....real ebony wood is not 100% black all over it will have lighter spots.

And the ebony stain will stain your top if it gets on it....painters tape is your freind! Use the green 3M it is alot better than the standard blue. But dont worry about the frets it wont stain metal....But any wood that it touches will be black...But the ebony stain will still let the wood grain show through so it will look and feel alot better than paint. And paint WILL stick to your frets...Paint will ruin your fret board...