I only use Elixir's on my Acoustic, they are the best in my opinion

but I dont know the answer to your question, and does it REALLY matter? Id be curious to know why lol

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All Elixers use a hex core I think, But the strings are well worth the money, smooth as glass and last forever, well the strings do, the tone kinda goes away after a few months. I've tried other coated brands and I personally think Elixers are the best bang for you buck out of all of them.
Alright, so hex core? This could be interesting, then.

Tyler, it's just personal preference. I usually play strings until they break months later, and the traditional hex-core (EB, D'addario) cut up my fingers horribly at that stage. Round-core (DR) tend to feel better at that point.

I think the Elixirs may be different, though. We'll see.

Thanks guys.
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