This actually arrives this morning, but I decided not to open it as I would have missed a day of college :lol:

O look, a black box! Maybe a plane crashed nearby?

Let's open it shall we?

O it's a guitar!

Wait, y so many strings?

Agile eh, ah I guess it must be a melee dps!

This thing's an absolute beast
Mahogany body with maple thru-neck
EMG 808s
Grover tuners
This one's the 30" scale
And sounds like epic giant mechanical sex through my 6505+
I'll do a video or a soundclip soon, keep a look out
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That shape has started to grow on me more and more lately, no matter how much i try to look away. HNGD!!
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beauty, that finish is the bloodburst 2, correct? I was going to get the dark NAT, but he's out of stock for this run


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Beastly. Sounds like someone plays WoW.
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I need clips of the low-low chugga variety.
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Beastly. Sounds like someone plays WoW.

Haha nope, but I joke about that kinda stuff a lot, and threaten the missus with it.
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And sounds like epic giant mechanical sex through my 6505+
I'll do a video or a soundclip soon, keep a look out

6505 with a 4x12 eh?

Looks great, HNGD
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hurry up with the sound/video clips. its always fun to watch someone jam out on one of these.

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Congrats! Very nice, Agile is really keeping up with things! I am not into 8 strings I am still having a hard time with my 7 String Schecter but it looks like a nice solid guitar.

Congrats man

I could never get along with 30" scale 27" annoys me enough on the high strings...maybe if i played brutal chugga chugga music then it would come it handy. Enjoy man!
that's nice man. Love the thru neck.
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my reaction upon seeing this, very nice!

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that neck is massively wide... i love it. i want an 8 string now. haha
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that's nice man. Love the thru neck.

It's heavy in a way that's kinda comforting, it's hard to explain. The damn thing weighs near on 6 kilos
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I need clips of the low-low chugga variety.

Oh hell yeah.

I can't imagine how BRUTAL that thing would sound
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Damn i need new pants now

very nice man

one question though! is it a custom cause i didnt see the one with a finished neck with the racing stripe kinda things with 2 emgs
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i swear ive seen this post before. but i havent been on ug for about 6 months.

also thats the exact agile im saving up for.
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you need help.

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