I recorded this a few weeks ago and its up on myspace but I thought I'd upload it here for some thoughts!

Its called "a work in progress", so go onto my profile and have a listen.

I'm not really sure how to finish it, got a few ideas but nothing concrete yet!

Drums programmed with EZ drummer/DFH, bass also programmed. I played most of they keyboard parts too but I had to edit them a bit because my skills are rusty! Guitars recorded with a pod X3.

Crit for crit
Top lel.
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Nice work man! I really enjoyed it. The piano intro was cool and the playing was all there. The only crit would be the guitar was a bit low and a bit overpowered by the drums. Keep working on it and finish it off .
Cheers man!
I'm really struggling with a mix just now actually, different speakers totally reverse some of the sound

I hate when drums are really far in the background though. Even though I'm a guitarist, I love it when drums are a little more out in front haha
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