Recently I've been having problems with putting together a good practice regime to improve my playing. I'm really into blues and want to develop a greater ability to solo and improve in a blues setting, I know all of my pentatonic box shapes and put together a bit of improve buts its starting to all sound the same.

Can anyone recommend a good book or lesson to help push me along? Has anyone else been where I am at? What helped you improve or move forward with your playing?
This might help:


It's a blog post I wrote on this very subject. I think we all go through time when we struggle to move on, and reach a plateau. The solution is normally to go out of your way to listen to new types of music, or new bands in the same genre. Sometimes, though, it's just about planning your practice time more efficiently.

Hope this helps
start copping licks off records. albert king, muddy waters, and buddy guy are all great places to start.
Start thinking about the sound you want to create first rather than going straight to worrying about what to do with your fingers.
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