Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me anything about the 502-J Electronic Drum Kit, I'm planning on getting a kit for christmas and i came across these on some random website.

Does anyone have a short review on them?

google: said drumkit + review ????
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never heard of them, but I've never played an e-drum kit that wasn't crap unless it was made by Yamaha or Roland.
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i dont really want to have to pay more than about £400 and i don't think there are any Yamaha or Roland electronic kits for less than that.

What about the Alesis DM6?
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The Gear4Music Digital Drum Kit is a superb flexible kit, suitable for all levels of player, which combines the great quality and sound you might find in much more expensive kits, but at an amazing price. The kit is a fully featured 5-piece set, with 20 preset kits, 10 user kits and 50 accompanying backing tracks.

Thanks mate, im also looking into the Alesis DM6 and there isnt any reviews on it, does anyone know anything else about it?