I have fret buzz on my new guitar at just 1 fret and on 1 string. 10th fret on the G string. There is absolutely no buzz anywhere else on the neck.

Would this be something to do with the guitar being faulty? Or could it be fixed if the guitar was set up better?

Guitar is probably fine. Depending on the bridge, you can just raise that one string's action a little bit.
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I can't sadly. It's an Ibanez ZR Tremolo.

EDIT: Can't adjust a single strings action that is. I'll take it back to the shop and see what they say. Thanks for the advice!
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Hi, just in case anyone is interested...

I took it back to the shop and they have now set it up fine! So it wasn't faulty after all. I still find it really strange that it could not ring true on just a single fret on 1 string!

Ah well, all fixed now!