I reccorded the very beginning of Jeff Buckleys lover you should've come over. I'm just looking on some feedback on whether my tone sounds ok. Anything criticism positive or negative would be helpful. The songs on my profile.
Hey man, that was really good! I'm guessing you just recorded it all in one take, guitar and vocals, with just one microphone? The vocals were a bit quiet at parts, but I am thinking that's why. I think if you had been right up near a good mic and added some compression, you would've sounded fantastic. But that's just the recording nerd in me speaking.

Strictly in terms of vocals I think it was great. You were pretty tight on pitch, and you have a great 'soft voice'. What I mean by that is like...for me, I have a lot of trouble singing softly. I can yell and shout my head off alright, but when it comes to real intimate stuff like that, I just kinda fail, haha. So that's a great quality for sure, keep it up man.
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