This is an acoustic song I've just started writing. Playing around on my guitar, and we'll see how it turns out.. Might add some piano or beat to it.
Normally I don't have much problems writing songs, but this is giving me a headache;

"Hey there hello, I can see you looking straight at me,
Why do you turn around with your head on the ground,
And pretend there's nothing you can see?

I've got a heart and I've got a soul, I'm not just an empty shell
I'm new around here, I don't really fit in
I'm an outside in my own skin.

Feel out of sync with the rest of the world, like a zebra in a tree,
With my feet on the ground, I want to go round
To find someone that sees me."

What do you honestly think of it so far? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
Really nice so far, finish soon! I like the zebra in a tree simile and the i'm an outside in my own skin they work very well and show a lot of creativity. Song so far sounds like something I would listen to, so please finish and record if you do that kinda stuff.
My name is Jack.