I'm wondering whether I should get a 2x12 Zilla cab or a 1x12 Martamp Cab. I've heard that the Martamp quality is better than Zilla, but I'm not sure if I should get the Zilla for the 2 speakers for a fuller tone?

Zilla 2x12" (celestion G12H30's) Approx - £300

Martamp 1x12" cab (Celestion G12H30) Approx - £280

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You mean Matamp?

Personally I'd go for the Zilla, I've honestly never heard of the company, but I've never really liked 1x12 cabs. £20 more for a larger enclosure, which means better bass response and an overall "bigger" sound, plus the same speaker that comes in the Matamp, better deal to me The Matamp might be built better, but I honestly can't see it sounding better than a 2x12.
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You mean Matamp?

I thought I was just ignorant so I didn't ask that...

TS - For me, it would take a HUGE discrepancy in build quality for me to pay about the same for the 1x12. I'm not familiar with these makes, but if they are both similar wood I would get the 2x12... If the 'Zilla' is particle board however, get the Matamp.

At least that's what I'd do.
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I would probably get the Zilla.

And I'm pretty sure there's both Martamp and Matamp.
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i would see how much martamp charges for a 2x12. Though that's probably cheating as i've already talked about this with him in another thread

EDIT: and yeah, martamp and matamp are different companies. martamp changed its name to mjw because of all the confusion. Plus i think the mjw guy used to work for matamp, too, to add to the confusion.
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