I'm looking around a little early for christmas, and I'm set on guitars and amps so I figured I'd look into pedals. I have a Digitec RP-3 right now which is ok, but not great. The only problem is individual pedals cost a a good amount for just one effect, so I was thinking about multi effect pedals. I really only use distortion and reverb, but i could definitely put a wah and a loop to good use. So should i go individual pedals or an ME board? which ones are the best for each?
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Well, i cant say which are the best, but i can vouch that the boss gt-10 multi pedal is pretty alright. just my opinion
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really depends.. but if you're considering multi fx i strongly recommend any of the higher line 6 pedals
Multi effects pedals are good for just that... Multiple effects

if you only use two or three effects then individual pedals usually get a much nicer tone than ME pedals
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No offense, but I find this is a fairly stupid question imo... I mean you could get a multi-effects pedal that has every effect imaginable, and can dance the macarena, but it's 2000$, it would still be worth the money, because it can dance the macarena, but it is still 2000$... Just my opinion...
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