Hey everybody, Looking to get a good digital camera. I've had a few people point me toward Nikon and Samsung. I'd rather not Sony. I'm willing to spend between 150-200 USD.

So recomendations?
For $150-$200 you will not get a good camera.

For recommendations, you would need to decide how you want to use it. Is it going to get bashed around a bit? Should it be shock and weather proof? Does the physical size matter? Will you be wanted to hide it away in a jacket pocket? Do you have memory cards already? If so, what format? Do you want it to run of AA batteries or the proprietary rechargeable battery packs? Do you know what Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO are for, and do you want to just look through the viewfinder and click the button or do you want some proper control? Do you want to use an optical viewfinder (the little window you put against your eye) or are you good with just a digital display screen?

These are all things that you need to think about and since you did not provide any of that information it will be difficult for someone to give you a proper answer.