Hi! Greetings to all members. 1st post.

I'm trying to find a Metronome/Drum Machine app for the iPhone. Any ideas? Basicily I'm looking for something that allows me to build backing tracks and helps keep me in time. Real sounding drums instead of just ticks would be nice. Rock and blues mainly. Hability to change tempo and that's about it I guess.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry man, I don't have an iPhone... I guess not many others do on here either since you got no responses. Maybe check with Apple?

If you go to www.jam-center.com they have all that, though.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Try this
It's a metronome. The .zip file contains .mp3 files from 80 bpm to 200 bpm, or you can download individual .mp3 files from 65 bpm to 250 bpm.
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There is a $10 guitar package app that supposedly comes with a pretty good tuner and metronome. The reviews are good at least. Just search "guitar" under apps and it'll come up with all of the top paid and free ones. I have a few on my ipod touch, not a metronome though.
There is one on the app store called i808 drum machine. it may be that 10 dollar one but its very good.