I'll start by saying I don't own this amp, but my father does. He has it listed on Craigslist and the like but doesn't have a UG account so I told him I could post it up on here as well.
Hopefully that's alright?.. since I live in the same house with him.

His description on CR:

"I have personally owned this amp for 15 years and it is rarely used.
It is famous for being used by pedal steel slide guitar players and keys.
It has more power than you will ever use. In excellent condition.
e-mail for pics.

His asking price was $450 and the location is in North Carolina, USA. Specifically about 40 minutes from Charlotte in Catawba County.

Basically this amp is on the rare side a bit.
I've played it and it was a popular slide guitar amp like he was saying but it works for much else. If you prefer to use a distortion pedal or multi-effects pedal then using that on the clean channel of this amp does a good job if you set it up right.
It also makes an excellent bass amp since the speaker in it is designed to handle bass frequencies as well.

So yeahh, you can post here or you can just contact him at fnr@earthlink.net