I'm in desperate need of a new pair of shoes since my all-stars got a 2 inch gap in the sides.

Suggest me some, I was thinking about maybe a new pair of Chuck Taylor's or maybe Nike Terminators or something but if you don't have anything to do and have an idea, fire away!

I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'

VANS Skink.
Larger sizes don't look as retarded.
Pretty decent casual footwear that doesn't shout out "Look at me!", very comfortable, and designed to let your feet breath, is mostly weatherprrof and has anti-bacterial soles. Well, from memory. Read online.
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combat boots. i wear mine all the time and they haven't failed on me yet
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It's a tough decision, vans are pretty nice. Can't decide but I guess it all will come down to the price in store
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'