Verse 1

Where do you think up your inequalities?
These unthoughtful social calmities,
What you call a "tiny comment,"
Isn't what your peers thought you meant,
It doesn't make you better then a person if they look differently,
And you'll end up worse for wear, consequently,


You're stirring up hatred through this bloody world,
Looks don't mean a thing,
Think about the insults you have hurled,
Just because of a racial sting

Verse 2

What made you think the world may be split in two?
With different races in a constant feud,
What you need to get into your head,
Is that, it hurt what you did and said,
To people who could've needed help from little you,
But you rejected them, and all because of some pathetic view.

You Bloody Disgrace.


Bridge Verse

Your anger is useless,
You don't think what is best,
You should not hate,
They help make this world great,

Just as much as anyone....


I was going for a kind of political punk in an old school sex pistols style. I know that the bridge verse is pretty weak so please post improvements on it and comment on lyrics so far

I didn't now what Rhyming scheme to use so I went with Verse : AABBAA Chorus :CDCD

If you hadn't guessed it's on "inequalities" and racism between people and things like that.

Thanks guys.
My name is Jack.
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I love it, the theme. Most music is happy music or trying to be politically correct but this is great!