I was looking into buying a peavey vypyr 30 watt and loads of people are saying the "stompbox" effects.... what does that mean?
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It means that the effects generally reserved for stompboxes (pedals) are built-in to the amp. Ex: Flange, Chorus, etc etc
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A stomp box is basically a synonym for a pedal. You stomp on it to turn it on/off or operate it. So if people are saying it has stomp-box like effects, they mean it has effects that you would find in pedals already built into the amp.
IF you have an amp with stompbox effects, well, that means it has stompbox effects. Those are generally phaser, chorus, delay (sweep and echo) and distortion.

BUT to use them LIKE stompboxes, you'll need a footswitch (which also appears to not be a word according to Google Chrome)