hey really need a 2nd guitar since i'm tired of breaking strings when messing with tunings in my FR guitar.

As i wanna compliment my Jackson with a fuller sounding guitar with mahogany body and fixed bridge my choices resumed to : epi sg, epi korina explorer, vintage v100, squier affinity, squier classic vibe (i know these last 2 aren't like the others but i also love strats)

my budget is tight, thanks in advance
the classic vibe ones are pretty nice, i'd go for them but i'm a fender fan so it wouldn't be fair at all
Those two squiers are NOT fuller then your jackson by ANY MEANS.

That said, the classic vibe is the best pick there, second is the epi sg. I would recommend a used RG or used mexi strat though.
I reckon you'd do well with the explorer.
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
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Agile perhaps?

+ they are top of the line For thier price range.
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As you mention Vintage, I'll assume you are in Europe so Agile is out. Better than either is TC Ellis who makes amazing Les Pauls at crazy prices. Start at £299 with a hard case.
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