i am stuck on what song to play for my GCSE solo performance. i have been told to do a grade 4/5 piece, but as i don't take lessons i do not know what songs are Grade 5 or any Grade 5 rock school songs or anything. I have heard its more how well you play the song, so i have thought of these songs to consider playing - Sweet Child O Mine on guitar, Enter Sandman on guitar or Coffee Shop by RHCP on bass.
Which song would get me the best grade?
I would appreciate any song ideas - nothing extremely hard to pull of though please thanks in advance
I just did Schism by Tool last week. Not hard, but get epic marks for the weird time signatures.
I was thinking of doing Amerika by Jaco on bass also. any comments on this song.
I am looking to get a B-A* in my performances as well
I have to second Schism, not only because you will get bonus points for nailing the time signature changes, but its a "Guitar Players" song its not to repetitive and its just plain sounds great.

As for the Amerika song, its not to my liking but in the end its up to you.

(I also guarantee that if you can learn to play Schism accurately you will get at minimum a B)