Depending on how much I get for my student loan / if I'm able to get a job next semester (1st year at uni at the moment), I think I'm going to go for some guitar lessons. The in person 1on1 guidance, mentoring and the "try it like *this*" factors cannot be acquired from DVDs / websites. Now that I'm not living in my pokey little market town, theres more choice when it comes to choosing a teacher as well.

- Any tips on looking for a suitable teacher?
- Any stuff that I might as well make sure I have TOTALLY nailed down as not to spend valuable lesson time going over stuff which I could have easily got down in the next 2 months?


EDIT: I'll be getting these lessons starting in February
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Actually I'm in basically the same boat as you and was wondering the same thing. I have found two possible teachers, but what should I look for in them?
finding a good teacher can be tricky....

some things that make it easier....

know what you want to study...rock...blues...jazz ??? the better you can define what you want to learn..the easier it will be to teach it to you...what style of rock..blues...jazz..?? hendrix...buddy guy...miles davis..??

do you want to sightread...learn theory... scales-arpeggios-chords & inversions - fast licks ???

make a short list of the things you want to learn..be as specific as possible

then ask the prospective teacher if they understand what you want and can they teach you that...

in your first lesson should be able to know if they understand what you want to learn and how to teach it to you...

if its the right teacher - you should leave the first lesson energized not confused in any way .... now the rest depends on you...and practice...

play well