I'm writing a report for a rebels, misfits, and criminals english course at uni, and am wondering what your thoughts on the difference of styles and beleifs these two writers had? How much of a role does communisim play (specifically in dylan's early work)?
Bob Dylan's early career was based on old Dust Bowl tales of racism, discrimination, injustice, etc. "With God on Our Side" has some comments referencing the Soviet Union, "A Hard Rain's a-gonna fall" comments on the korean war.
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what about ginsberg though? anybody here actually read "america"?
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I think Bob Dylan wouldn't want me to do your homework.

then don't write the 2000 word essay. just trying to brainstorm
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what about ginsberg though? anybody here actually read "america"?

I've meant to, but I've never gotten around to it.
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it was pretty good, but the message was muddy.

agreed. do you think this has more to do with his style and how he kinda makes his own language, or more of the fact that his ideas dont seem really streamlined? do you think dylan had his own way of making his own language? id say at least a little bit in terms of making ideas fit into a song structure.