Right UG it's time for me to lose two of my axes, sad day as ever
So up for grabs with pictures on demand

Schecter Synyster Standard
24 frets
licensed floyd rose
push/pull coil tap

22 frets
push/pull pick up toggle
sperzel locking tuners

Now for the trade off =/
Floyd rose has a crack where the arm screws in, the arm still goes in but it barely screws in and if it get screwed too far it is unbelievably hard to unscrew and remove the arm again, makes no playable difference really
Small chip and slight crack near the input, neither makes sound or playable difference
Duncan designed pups have been replaced with there Seymour Duncan counterparts, so, syn standard with the custom's pups, minus the silver magnets of course
This guitar sells for new for £650 upwards, and in its condition, i'm gonna let it go for £300

George Lynch
There's a knock near the input
It should be noted that this guitar is a baritone, for those who are unaware, bascically this means the guitar is built specifically made for dropped tunings, normally atleast C, it has a longer neck to compensate, so it is a 27" fixed neck, however, i found through experimenting on a guitar other to this that, it is possible if you give the strings some slack to tune up to standard tunings
Oh is that it? Moving on
This guitar before it was discontinued started at ATLEAST £999 so with the knock taken into account, i'm gonna let this go for £600

Pictures can be provided on demand, prices are negotiable to a reasonable extent, the syn especially i feel is dirt cheap considering it was imported before it was even on sale in the UK
The Syn comes caseless and unfortunatly the best i can offer for the George Lynch is a very fitting soft case
As mentioned about the UK, this is a UK based sale, for the second time, this is a UK based sale, one last time, This Is A UK Based Sale, i don't mind travelling a little, i can ship to anywhere in the UK

Hit me up UG, there's two great guitars at two incredible prices here