I am looking for a drum machine. Our drummer works nights, and while we regularly have afternoon practices, we sometimes get together in the evenings and its just annoying without a steady beat. We have a PA they can be ran through. Would be nice to be able to use them for a small gig if in a pinch. We are playing mostly covers rigth now so I would like to be able to sync up the drums to be pretty close to the original versions, with minimal effing around at practices. (So multiple songs cued up and ready to go)

Any suggestions? Totally willing to buy used, and I live in Canada if it makes any difference.

I was looking at a Alesis SR-16, with a footswitch. Any opinions?
I have that one and whilst its good for simple stuff it isn't great.
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I use a Boss DR-3 and it's alright for me.
However I only use it for Home Practise and I;m not so sure how good it is with loading midi-patches and stuff from other sources. If I want something, I can quickly program it, so it works for me..
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It doesnt need to be able to load midi stuff per say

I would like to be able to sit down and program up some songs, even if I have to do it by hand.

I just need to be able to play full songs and store around 15 on there.