hey doods i was just wonderin if you guys think it would be a good idea to make a guitar body out of aluminium i think it would be easier for me because im more used to metal than wood.
ya that sounds sweet.. dont know how it would sound/play/feel/work, but good luck. If you do i would love to hear/see it.
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batio had one made out of it, sounded fine
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I'd think it sound bright... and it might be heavy. Chamber it out and I think that would be perfectly acceptable.

And by chamber I mean like weight relieving ones, not a hollow body.


There was a thread a while back where someone did that and I forget what it was called but there is a company that builds guitars with aluminum bodies. So if you are comfortable wit metal work the go for it. You'll probably get some interesting results. Be sure to chamber the body plenty though because otherwise it'll weigh a ton.

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He posted that in a thread on UG too, which was the thread I was talking about.
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Actually aluminum is known for being light weight (at least compared to other metals). So who knows, it might not be that heavy.
i just realized something, if you connect a ground wire to the body in the cavity somewhere it'd be the best shielding known to man! you also wouldn't need to ground the bridge because your body and bridge would all be connected so the whole entire thing would be grounded.