So this is my first post to this website and it's the most important, I have had a song that I wanted to play so bad that I frantically tried to find the chords and went and got new strings and have been drastically trying to find the notes, The song is actually a dance song but the very beginning (just the beginning) is a beautiful guitar piece that is actually very easy looking. The song is Dreaming by the ruff driverz, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5ouLrUopko , in the actual music video you see many clips of the guitar playing and I know it has a capo on the third fret. If i knew my chords I would be able to spot the chords in the video (its really only 2 I think), please help I have been trying to find this for very long. Thank you so much
Am and F with a capo on 3. its just a finger picking pattern with extra added notes on the 3rd fret (relative to capo) on high e during am chord and b during f chord
guy above me got it perfectly. thanks wtflolbbq (omfg ARBY N' THE CHIEF EPISODE 2 OMFG HARDCORE!!!!)
Ive got the chords down but i cannot for the life of me figure out the finger picking pattern/ maybe there is a special tuning i need to get the right tone