I have an Agile LP style guitar and looking to buy a strap. Can anyone recomend a good comfortable strap. I just play as a hobby so i don't play for hours at a time. Does the width make it more comfortable or the material? My guitar is on the heavier side so any recomendations are helpful.
The wider the strap the more comfortable it will be especially if you have a heavy guitar. Also the padding has an effect on comfort obviously.
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Check out some nice soft wide Franklins.
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I like nylon straps personally. I find leather straps very comfortable, but they don't slide around like a nylon strap. Leather gets all stuck to your shirt and the friction pulls your shirt around. Ugh. Hate it.
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I've used Ernie Ball straps all my life and I've never found my Les Paul heavy. My bass player uses them with his Stingray, another heavy instrument, and he has no trouble either.

But we both play with our instruments quite low. I've found that if I raise my guitar higher, it ends up hurting more.
I find wide padded leather ones are very comfortable, a piped edge would make it even moreso, no more edge digging at your neck.
They cost a bit more (Mine was £35 or something) but will last ages!