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A world with no emotion, but a peaceful society with no wars and violence
6 8%
A world with emotion, but wars and strife (basically how it is now)
73 92%
Voters: 79.
One thing I've noticed, time and time again, is that most strife caused around the world is due to human emotions. E.g. The hate of a race. Now Pit, if you were given the option, would you take away all human emotion in order to set a peaceful society around the world? Or would you keep the world how it is? seeing that you believe that emotion is what makes us human. Now I know that other factors contribute to world strife, but just consider this one in this scenario.
Keep the world as it is, although I don't think hate specifically a human emotion... but is love?
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Keep the emotion.
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Keep the emotion, but make the UN dedicate 100 years to creating a spot-on perfect plan for violence prevention with the best form of government possible.

Yes my wishes are unrealistic.
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A life with no emotion would not be a life worth living.
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Theres also good emotions, if you took away all emotions, you also take away sympathy, compassion, love, etc. Its every beings nature to fight, humans, dogs, lions, etc. Regardless of emotions
Anyone who has ever read The Giver would agree that things are better now than if you were to take away emotion. I'm not saying The Giver addresses this, but it definitely relates.
In a life without emotion i could sweep pick perfectly.

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I think that indeed emotions cause the bads in life. But they also cause the goods. Simply existing to exist does not seem stimulating to me. I need the satisfaction for the things I do. But ofcourse whne you have no emotions, you don't care if you have emotions or not. From a rational point of view I am also not sure where I stand. But I hope I never ever have to make that decision.

So I take secret option C "undecided".
For one of the first times in my life I am undecided
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Keep emotions. Without them we wouldn't have a capacity for love, compassion, anything like that. And without those, the world would quickly disintegrate into a shitfest of mob violence, because the survival instinct would have nothing telling it "no you cant do that just cause you'd be better off"
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Definitely keep emotion.

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God, an eternal hippie peace world would be both unfeasible and boring, I'd probably go crazy and murder someone.
And btw emotions over peace and dull world.
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A life without emotion would be meaningless.

Well life is probably meaningless anyway, but without emotion it would definitely be much less interesting.

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Obviously, now, I don't want to let go of my emotions, but if I lived a life without emotion, I would be unable to hate it.

This is true.

Anyway I voted we keep it.
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Just because society wouldn't have emotions, doesn't mean violence and wars aren't going to happen. People will just go to war with a pure political agenda. Maybe to gain natural resources or power instead of fear. A person would be thinking more logically like "There's no one around, I need to pay my rent, I most likely can get away with this. I'm going to do it."

Point is, instead of emotions as a motive, people would just do violent things out of logic.

Although it would get rid of unnecessary high school drama.
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This argument is kind of pointless. You could pick either one and be happy, because with out emotion, you wouldn't care either way, so it's kinda like dying and having nothing afterwords; nothing matters because you don't care or experience it.
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Assuming peace does come, I believe that human emotion (well rather human consciousness) is what will eventually be responsible for it, rather than be the thing that prevents us from it. The hate of a race is isn't a human emotion, it makes sense for all animals (we've evolved to trust and want to be with things similar to us, and somehow the colour of our skin is seen as something so drastically different). We need to overcome our primitive emotions and thought patterns by means of our consciousness, which is capable of overriding unnecessary judgments that have been hardwired into us.

That's my take on it.

edit: wait, I think I contradicted myself. Oh well.
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