My band and I are clueless when it comes to our PA system. Our guitarist bought a decent used Yamaha PA system (6 input, 250 watts) from a pretty well established local band. This band played live shows with the PA we have now, so it definitely can handle what we need. We're too poor to buy a new one...

Anyway, what should we do for vocal settings and effects? I know absolutely nothing about settings for vocals and since it's not my PA, I don't really tinker with it. Currently, we're getting pretty good volume and it sounds OK at best.


Check out the vocals around :22 in this song. That's sorta the general rock and roll (punk ish) style we're going for. I know that you can do infinitely more to vocals in the studio, but these bands all sound awesome live... what to do?
PA settings will change with whatever environment you're playing in at the time; how certain frequencies bounce around, or get absorbed by, the room and what's in it; what microphones you're using; who has a sore throat that day and so on. So it's pretty difficult for me to sit here and tell you where your knobs should be, if you know what I mean.

So really your best bet is just experimentation. If vocals sound too muddy, take some bass out of the EQ. If they sound too smooth and you want a little more grit, add a little more treble.