Wow, that's awesome. Apparently there's too many MW2 fan boys on here to have a thread about how rediculous the game is? And I'm pretty sure which mod it was that closed it(possibly the only one who commented in the thread?). Wow, get over yourselves. The game isn't that great. no need to have a bunch of idiots saying "go away, mw2 iz awesum!". I wanted to have some sort of intelligent conversation about it. I even stated I found the game enjoyable. Just annoying.

so thank you. Once again, UG has proved that they have some of the most obnoxis mods on here. GREAT.
Fuck you, daytripper75 is a cool guy.
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Maybe your thread was locked because there's an entire thread dedicated to video game discussion.


Nah, it's much more plausible that a mod wanted to annoy you
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM