I recently bought my first guitar with a locking tremolo.
Its a great guitar, and I want to hear how it sounds when tuned down to drop B or lower.
I used to use larger gauge strings on my other guitars to make sure I could do that, but I heard that with locking tremolos you're supposed to use a certain gauge string (either .09 or .10)
So I'm just wondering if there's any way I can get down to the low tunings with this thing without the strings being like spaghetti noodles.
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I heard that with locking tremolos you're supposed to use a certain gauge string (either .09 or .10)

No idea where this myth comes from....

You can put any strings you want on it, just make sure they will be approximately the same tension with the thicker strings than your current strings are in standard, balance out the back springs after (add one if necessary)
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What you're hearing about only being able to use 9's or 10's is bollocks. You can use any gauge you want. I recommend 11's for Drop B. 12's for anything lower.
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I think that your supposed to use lighter guage strings when its in standard, so that when you pull up on the trem it doesn't put too much tension on the neck, but it probably does't make that much difference.
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If you use lower tunings on a guitar especially with double locking bridges you should set it up (raise the strings from the fretboard) to get more tension on low tunings especially in drop B
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