ok so my friend wants some keyboard/synth equipment for christmas but he has a strict budget of 300 dollars. he will mostly be making beats/techno stuff so some kind of software will probably be needed too. what would be some good stuff to get?
you can get a decent USB MIDI controller for that much, just check Musicians Friend, there are plenty of free VSTis to use for sounds and Reaper is $60.
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Reaper is $60, but can be used free forever totally legally. I'd just get a MIDI controller and some VSTs and use that. A MIDI controller can be gotten cheap.
Though I'm not sure how Reaper is for electronic music, you might want to buy a different program.
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If he's going for beats, then a good idea would be to get a 49/61-key velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard along with a velocity trigger pad which is very useful for making beats to trigger samples.


Thats a decent trigger pad which has an XY pad also for fluid modulation.
In terms of the keyboard, for a good price, there's the following few:





Having knobs is very handy when using virtual synths with a keyboard so they add a lot, but only get them if you feel they'll be needed.
Look out for second hand keyboards and check e-bay also for great prices.

As for software, some of the items above come with lite versions of popular sound programs (DAWs), but, as mentioned, Reaper is excellent for the price and there are quite a few fantastic free vsti's which can be found easily online.
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