I am almost finished with my first guitar and all I need to do is the wiring.
I have:
2 epiphone humbuckers (2 wires, one is a ground)
2 250k pots
2 500k pots
2 capacitors (can't remember exact values)
an input jack
and a 3-way switch

The only thing I don't get is grounding. What I don't know is how to ground it. Where to ground it. Do I have all the wires for ground leading to one location?

P.S it has a tremolo system.

Any help would be appreciated.
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the ground wires are normally soldered to the back of the volume pot, and you have a wire going from there to the sleeve of the jack. you also need one connected to the bridge.

basically all your ground wires need to have a way to get to the sleeve of the jack.
So, I need wires going from each pot to the next along with a wire going from the bridge/trem to one pot and another wire going from another ground pot to the sleeve of the jack?

Also where is the sleeve on a jack? (really is my first time)
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um, I believe that's it. and check out the guitar wiring thread (where you should've posted this)

edit: on a mono jack there are two lugs, you can see where one of them is connected to the thing that sticks out and touches the tip, that lug is the tip, the other one is connected to the inside of the jack, which is the sleeve.

doubledit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1019006

tripledit: the link in there for the seymour duncan diagrams will probably be your best bet, if you can't figure it out then post in there.
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