Thanks! Haha sorry, some of the screamy parts were pretty sketchy and I'm still working on the melody towards the end, thats what I get for trying one take wonders!
i like the movement of the bass line man, its really nice. and i dig the trebley tone of your guitar. the jangly chords man they are really catchy. the only thing i didnt like was ur voice in the middle of the song, the screamish part i guess. the transition part in the middle like at 1:35 ish is real good. its a well put together song. crit mine?
the vocals immediately reminded me of tom petty, definetly in a good way (also, nice range). Once they get louder, the way the drums sneakily speed up is pretty cool too. I think you do a pretty good job with the raw part in the middle. You might want to eq the vox with a bit more treble (they sounded a little muffled in the mix, especially the lower pitched parts) and find a better drum program; the pattern is fine but they sound kind of flat. Overall its a really sold song though, nice job.
i liked it. the intro sounded kinda like bob dylan. i hate to say it but i dont think your voice was meant for screaming